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  • Why Country Brands Always Fail

    Why Country Brands Always Fail

    People like me who come from the world of marketing commercial products and services are slaves to the brand concept. Our training and experience leads us to believe that anything...

  • Social Media NewsFlash

    Social Media NewsFlash

    There are three great stories breaking on this side of the pond this week concerning social media and each news story features a well known and successful brand. McDonalds Over...

  • Marketing Trends in 2012

    Marketing Trends in 2012

    The backdrop for 2012 will be a pretty depressing economic picture with rising unemployment, consumer caution and low levels of investment. While this will colour most of the business and...

  • Landing Page Optimisation

    Landing Page Optimisation

    Having spent my career in direct marketing rather that the branding side of marketing I always assume that top marketing professionals have the same view as me. So I am...


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